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  • Transferring Money Abroad with CurrencyFair

    Added  September 23, 2014
    Working abroad can be an amazing experience, but it can be fraught with unexpected frustrations, especially when it comes to your money. Whether you need to send currency back home to cover a mortgage, or you’re sending funds to your new location to get you set up with accommodation, you’ll need to transfer money internationally. Your bank will no doubt offer this service, but what most people don’t... more

  • A guide to regional work in Australia and getting your second year visa

    Added  July 15, 2014
    If you are thinking of extending your Working Holiday visa for the second year then you will have to start the search for your regional work in Australia. With this guide we hope to give you a bit more clarity on finding your regional work and you’ll hopefully pick up some tips along the way. What are the requirements? So you’ve decided to start your regional work in Australia in order to extend your working... more

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