Our Company

The Working Abroad Newcomers Network (WANN) is a market-leading platform for the successful recruitment and settlement of global talent.

Having been doing this for over 10 years, with offices in Calgary, London, Dublin and Melbourne, WANN is a dedicated international recruitment, relocation and settlement platform operating both within the world’s leading skilled migrant demand countries as well as across the world’s top source countries for both skilled trades and qualified professionals.

Understanding recruitment and relocation from an international jobseeker’s perspective is what makes the Working Abroad Newcomers Network unique in the world of both online job boards and international recruitment exhibitions. At WANN, our experienced management team comprises of former government immigration officials, recruitment and human resources professionals, while from operations to our sales and marketing teams, every member of the company has lived and worked abroad. Bottom line, we understand the challenges of living and working abroad including the impact immigration policy alongside language testing and skills assessment has on the recruitment and settlement of global talent.

Our core values include operating a strict Anti-Racism Policy across all our websites, events and social media platforms, while also advocating Ethical Migration. WANN voluntarily adheres to the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Global Code of Practice on the ethical international recruitment of health professionals