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  • How to Work as a Registered Nurse in Australia

    Added  February 20, 2015
    Traditionally, it has been easy for nurses visiting from the UK and Ireland to work in Australia. In the past it wasn’t unheard of for a nurse to present themselves to an agency in the morning and be out working their first shift the same night - but sadly, this is no more! Growing hospital compliance requirements mean it can now be quite onerous getting everything to the first level, where the agency can refer you... more

  • Alberta Temporary Foreign Workers Permitted to Stay Longer in Canada

    Added  February 12, 2015
    There have been some changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in Canada recently – in Alberta at least. Temporary foreign workers in Alberta have now been given a chance to stay longer in the country, surpassing what is commonly known as the ‘Four Year’ rule. What is the Four Year rule? Not everyone is aware of the Four Year rule, but it means that anyone working in Canada (without a permanent... more

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