How do I move to Canada?

In 2011, Canada was named the second best nation in which to live by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Better Life Index, a quality of life guide which scores 34 nations. So, it's a great place to head to if you're looking for a better lifestyle, and some new scenery. Maybe you want an experience of a lifetime and a bit of an adventure; possibly you're looking for a great job opportunity and a different lifestyle; or you think that a fact finding trip is the best option so you can test the water; otherwise you're in lock stock and barrel, selling the house, moving the family (including the dog) and all your worldy possesions. Once you get your head around the idea of moving, then you need to think about the actual logistics - when, where, why and how?

The second largest country in the world, Canada covers an area of more than 9,900 square kilometres and contains within its wide and varied landscape the opportunity for migrants to enjoy a life in which awe-inspiring scenery is an everyday view, outdoor activities are plentiful and large houses and acreages the norm.

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