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Our events will connect you directly with employers, immigration advisers and relocation service providers...

Understanding international recruitment and relocation is what makes WorkingAbroad different. However, a company run by former government immigration officials, relocation and recruitment professionals is what makes us unique.

We understand that moving overseas is as much about the process of relocating as it is about finding a job. For some of you, finding a job with an international employer that is eligible to provide sponsorship is the first step to living and working abroad, especially in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Middle East and the US. However, for most people, it is advice and assistance with immigration and relocation including work permits, skills assessment, language testing and actually moving country, that they turn to WorkingAbroad.

Our WorkingAbroad events, now in their 10th year, provide you with an opportunity to meet face to face with providers of information, products and services for living and working abroad. Our events regularly include government immigration officials, employers, recruiters, immigration lawyers, skills assessment authorities and relocation specialists including shipping companies, overseas banks as well as foreign exchange brokers and insurances companies.

Regardless of what stage in the process you are at, fact-finding, job-hunting, looking for immigration advice or relocation services, attending a WorkingAbroad event is the best first step you can take. 

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